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Understand the thermal lift

The thermal lift Glider pilots (these include also paraglider and hang glider pilots) use different types of lift. Today we will discover one of them: The thermal lift. The Earth's surface is far from being the same everywhere: It is composed of forests, fields, cities, lakes or other types of surfaces that do not react…
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Understand rules and regulations in paragliding

Paragliding rules and regulation for safety Learning the rules and regulations is an important part of your training. Thoroughly understanding them will make the activity safer, allow you to anticipate and avoid potential hazards and gain precious time in case you have to make a quick decision. They'll determine your course of action depending on…
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Understand Aerodynamic of Paragliding

How can paragliders fly? You've probably been wondering what makes these pieces of fabric fly or why all of the gliders typically have the same shape or even how this flexible structure manages to stay aloft above the pilot's head. Our focus on flight mechanics in this chapter will attempt to provide answers to all…
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