Advanced Paragliding Courses

Advanced Paragliding Courses

Our paragliding advanced courses allow you to go deeper into the technique of paragliding. Whether you’re looking to gain and practise the skills necessary for Cross country flying, or for some coaching to improve and deepen your experience with local flights, our advanced courses are just what you need.

Our school is run by local pilots and instructors, we have been living in and flying in this area for many many years. We know the conditions at every site where it is possible to fly.

Fly in one of the best paragliding sites in Spain

In Algodonales, southern Spain, the weather is so consistently flyable that paragliding pilots from all over the world come here to make faster progress, to acquire flight experience required for licencing in their home country and to increase their flying time. Not only is the town located at the base of our main takeoff, but we also have access to many paragliding sites throughout the region that we are happy to drive to when the weather conditions won’t allow us to fly from home. No one works harder than we do to make sure you fly.

XC Camps

Ready for an exciting paragliding adventure in Algodonales, Spain? Our special Cross-country course is designed for all pilots, including those with limited flight experience.  Picture yourself soaring through the beautiful Andalusian countryside, guided by expert instructors who prioritise safety and fun. Algodonales, with its great weather and stunning views, is the perfect place to learn. Whether you're a beginner or have some flight experience, you'll boost your skills and experience the joy of flying far and wide. Don't miss out on this chance to have an unforgettable time in Spain's paragliding hotspot!

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    XC Camp Algodonales

    Improve your cross-country flight skills or achieve your first one! For Qualified Pilots with more than 50 hours air-time. Duration: 6 days / 7 nights. 🏠 Accommodation (add-on) ✈️ Free Airport Transfers* 🚩 Algodonales, Spain

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