Book now accommodation at Algodonales

Accommodation is not included in the price for some of our paragliding courses or tours. Why not? well, because we don't like to increase the price with something that maybe you don't need; you might be travelling in your camping car, or you want to look for it by yourself.

But if you like, you can add a room to your package right now; it takes just a couple of clicks!

NO pre-payment or deposit is needed.



We co-operate with local hosts and we are happy to arrange your accommodation; most of the accommodations that you can find in Algodonales are based on rooms in self-catering houses.  All the houses have wifi, bed sheets, towels and kitchen facilities.

You can also book a room for other people coming with you, just type the number of persons in the quantity box.

You can book online a room now, or later, at any moment before your arrival.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, shared rooms are only allowed for people who travel together. If you come alone, please book a single room.


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Casas La Carrihuela

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