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Paragliding Tours & Holidays in Spain

Our guided tours and holidays are aimed at qualified paragliding pilots who are looking to fly under the supervision of expert instructors and not having to be worried about logistics and to make the decision where to fly.

We understand that you want to enjoy your holidays without any stress and we will make it happen.

Why paragliding in Spain?

Because in Spain we have a great climate, beautiful mountains and warm winds, just what you need for your perfect flying holiday. Our great climate allows you to fly all year-round.

We also have good food, wine, incredible scenery and a lot to offer in the way of tourism. Our idea is to mix these and base them around a holiday flying in a paraglider.

You will also travel, get to know new places, different people and all at affordable prices.

Learning Spanish? Why not? you may practice your Spanish with us as well!

Fly-guide holidays with local guides and instructors

Our team of experienced guides and instructors will share their skills and knowledge with you to get the most out of your paragliding holiday and to keep you safe.

Many years of experience organizing paragliding tours let us offer you a great combination of accommodation, transfers and professional guiding, so you can just relax and get the best flying of your holiday.

All our staff speak English (and Spanish, of course!)

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    Paragliding Guided Tour

    Guided tour to the best paragliding spots around Algodonales. For qualified pilots with more than 25 hours. Duration: 6 days / 7 nights. 🏠 Accommodation (add-on) ✈️ Free Airport Transfers* 🚩 Algodonales, Spain
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    XC Camp Algodonales

    Improve your cross-country flight skills or achieve your first one! For Qualified Pilots with more than 50 hours air-time. Duration: 6 days / 7 nights. 🏠 Accommodation (add-on) ✈️ Free Airport Transfers* 🚩 Algodonales, Spain

How good is Spain to paraglide?

Andalusia is the southernmost region of Europe, only the Strait of Gibraltar separates it from the African continent.

The first and main reason why you should come on vacation to Andalusia is because of its pleasant climate. It is indisputable that this region of southern Spain is blessed with mild temperatures throughout the year. More than 300 days of sunshine a year attract tourists and visitors from all over the world.

The average temperature ranges between 11º / 12º in winter and 30º in summer, which makes it possible to fully enjoy Andalusia throughout the year.

Another of the main reasons why you should come to Andalusia is, without a doubt, the delicious gastronomy of the region.

In southern Spain, we can fly the whole year-round

The Spring is often a mix of conditions. We can have very good days to fly but there is also more chance of some rain, but normally this takes only a few days and it is not bad weather for many consecutive days.

In summertime it is hot! But the long days allows you to fly in good conditions from the late afternoon until sunset.

During Autumn is generally has good thermal flying and the conditions for flying are particularly suited to low airtime pilots, new to thermal flying.

Winter is short and not too cold and there are smooth thermals on sunny days. It is a perfect time for beginners learning to fly and for experienced pilots who are scaping from the frozen weather in Europe.

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