Intermediate paragliding courses

Intermediate Paragliding Courses

Gain confidence and improve your flying skills

The aim of our Intermediate Paragliding Courses is to guide and coach novice pilots through more advanced skills and to get more confidence.

Our Post Club Pilot courses are focused on the safety and competency of the low air-time pilot to gain confidence and autonomy, improving your paragliding techniques and understanding of air currents to maximise your air-time.

Paragliding Coaching for rusty pilots

For those pilots who have had stopped flying for a while and want to come back to the game but feel they are a little rusty and could do with some refresher lessons, the Paragliding Coaching course is specifically aimed at rusty and low airtime pilots.

Learn to fly Cross-Country

If you want to learn to fly cross-country, our Paragliding XC Camps are designed specifically for pilots who never have flown far from the local flying site; we will give you the keys to start your XC Pilot career.

BHPA Development post CP courses

Getting the Club Pilot rating on the BHPA's Pilot Rating System does not mean that you can stop learning. At this point, you can choose to continue your education in a club environment, instead of through instruction at a flying school.

The Development post CP course includes all the tasks and airtime for BHPA Pilot rating.

Fly in one of the best paragliding sites in Spain

In Algodonales, southern Spain, the weather is so consistently flyable that paragliding pilots from all over the world come here to make faster progress, to acquire flight experience required for licencing in their home country and to increase their flying time. Not only is the town located at the base of our main takeoff, but we also have access to many paragliding sites throughout the region that we are happy to drive to when the weather conditions won’t allow us to fly from home. No one works harder than we do to make sure you fly.

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    BHPA Development Post-CP Course

    For New BHPA qualified Club pilots to safely accumulate airtime. Duration: 6 days / 7 nights. 🏠 Accommodation (add-on) ✈️ Free Airport Transfers* 🚩 Algodonales, Spain
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    Coaching & Training

    Coaching for new or rusty pilots to keep learning and to improve skills. For qualified pilots with less than 25 hours, or "rusty" pilots who need a refresher. Duration: 6 days / 7 nights. 🏠 Accommodation (add-on) ✈️ Free Airport Transfers* 🚩 Algodonales, Spain

Professional paragliding instructors

Our school is run by local instructors, we have been living in and flying in this area for many years. We know the conditions at every site where it is possible to fly.

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