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XC Camp: thoughts

Thoughts about the Cross-country Camps During recent years there has been increasing demand for intermediate paragliding courses focusing on the skills pilots need to fly cross-country. Algodonales, in South of Spain, has the perfect combination of good weather and an easy orography creating an ideal spot for pilots to fly cross-country regardless of their previous…
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Master a spiral dive in paragliding

Understand the Spiral Dive in paragliding The spiral dive is not really an accurate trick but one of the most essential manoeuvres to learn since it's the best height losing manoeuvre. Together with the food stall, these are the two most important manoeuvring skills for general safety in paragliding. During a fast spiral dive, the…
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Cross-country on the beach!

Paragliding XC Flight on the coast "Is it possible to fly cross-country on the beach?" That was the question of most of the participants in our last Paragliding Cross-country  Training Camp when we offered them to fly on the coast. One of the best coastal paragliding spots is Matalascanas, Spain There is a 20 km…
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