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Epic XC Camp at Algodonales!

Motivation: the cornerstone for cross-country flights In my opinion, motivation is the cornerstone for cross-country flights; in fact, motivation is the motor for everything in Life! Take a pilot, give him the best paraglider ever, on the best day with cumulus clouds, with the best harness,... but if he is not motivated, he probably will land…
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Is a SIV course for me?

SIV courses for Paragliding Safety The reason we do SIV courses for paragliding pilots is to really make people more comfortable in the air with their gliders and also give them confidence in their ability to control the glider and what that does is when you're flying in a thermic arena, cross-country flying, then it…
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How does a wing actually work?

How an aerofoil creates lift? I've snuck into minute physics' studio to explain how a wing actually works. The classic explanation Now everyone knows that a wing generates lift due to its characteristic shape. Since air travels farther over top of the wing, it must go faster than the air underneath so that both streams…
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