XC Camp: thoughts

Thoughts about the Cross-country Camps

During recent years there has been increasing demand for intermediate paragliding courses focusing on the skills pilots need to fly cross-country.

Algodonales, in South of Spain, has the perfect combination of good weather and an easy orography creating an ideal spot for pilots to fly cross-country regardless of their previous experience.

Cross-country courses for paragliding pilots

At ZERO GRAVITY, we have been working on the development of our Advanced paragliding courses, improving our methods of teaching, and we now offer an immersive cross-country course to help all levels of pilots to improve their cross-country skills.

Unlike our other courses - like our paragliding courses for beginners, in which we work with a small number of students to offer a better quality of teaching - the XC Flying Camp works better with a bigger group of pilots with different levels of experience. An ideal number in the XC group is between seven and ten pilots, with an equal mix of pilots ranging from those with a minimum of 25 hours of thermalling but no cross country experience, those with approx 50 hours and a few XC flights, to those with lots of XC experience.

Motivation is the key for cross-country paragliding pilots

Here’s why: Motivation is the most important thing a pilot needs to achieve their first cross-country flight or to break their personal distance record. And nothing is more motivating than flying with other pilots. XC camp is not a competition, it’s a team. Pilots with less experience learn not only from the instructors but also from other pilots. More experienced pilots can debrief and share their flight details with others, passing on tips and tricks to help the other pilots reach their goals. It’s is not only a good way to learn, but it is also fun! There is nothing a pilot likes more than to share their flight details - especially when we do it with some cold beers!

If you have less experience in cross-country, there is no need to feel shy when flying with others who have more hours of flight. Every day, with the XC instructor, you will set tasks and goals according to your level and capability. The aim of the training is for everyone to achieve their own goals. Whether you want to reach 20 km or 100, all are welcome!

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