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Tips and hints for new paragliding pilots

Here you have some tips and advice for new paragliding pilots by Russell Ogden, who works for Ozone Paragliders as a test pilot. Looking for a Paragliding Centre There are loads of places that you can get information about Paragliding Centres. These days the Internet is probably the best place. If you do a search…
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Understand Approaching and Landing in paragliding

How to approach to the landing field in paragliding Let's now consider the last stage of any flight: the landing. The landing involves two phases: the approach pattern, or simply called the approach, and the final, which is the last leg of the approach before landing. An approach pattern allows you to better position yourself…
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Understand Ridge Soaring

Ridge soaring In another post, we have talked about the thermal lift. We know that the origins of thermals are linked to contrast of temperature. Nevertheless, when it comes to mountains, paraglider pilots can also use phenomenons associated to the wind. Let's talk about one of them: ridge soaring. Ridge soaring is really simple to…
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