Epic XC Camp at Algodonales!

Motivation: the cornerstone for cross-country flights In my opinion, motivation is the cornerstone for cross-country flights; in fact, motivation is the motor for everything in Life! Take a pilot, give him the best paraglider ever, on the best day with cumulus clouds, with the best harness,... but if he is not motivated, he probably will land…
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Paragliding Ground handling exercises.

Ground handling control is good for everyone! Whether you are a novice pilot or not, by practising your paragliding ground handling control you not only will make nicer and savers takeoffs but you will improve your reactions and your feeling of the wing in flight. It is very important after you have finished your Club…
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The Neolithic flying man

The dream of flying How long have the Man wished to fly? Probably from the moment the humans watched a bird and wondered How? There are thousands of tales, legends, stories, myths that talk about Man's dream of flying. It is something that has been inside us from the very beginning. No paragliding? Let's do…
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