XC Camp: thoughts

Thoughts about the Cross-country Camps During recent years there has been increasing demand for intermediate paragliding courses focusing on the skills pilots need to fly cross-country. Algodonales, in South of Spain, has the perfect combination of good weather and an easy orography creating an ideal spot for pilots to fly cross-country regardless of their previous…
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Erin’s short story

PARAGLIDING HAS SO MANY FEELINGS! "When Jose told me to move to Algodonales, I told him that I would, but I wanted to make a movie about it. Little did I know, Leo Yeung, a television producer in Hong Kong and fellow paragliding pilot, has started grabbing video of me and my ZERO GRAVITY babes.…
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Epic XC Camp at Algodonales!

Motivation: the cornerstone for cross-country flights In my opinion, motivation is the cornerstone for cross-country flights; in fact, motivation is the motor for everything in Life! Take a pilot, give him the best paraglider ever, on the best day with cumulus clouds, with the best harness,... but if he is not motivated, he probably will land…
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