4 Tips for beginners to start paragliding

Tips and hints for paragliding students

Paragliding has gone from being a taboo, a sport to which fear is kept, to become the favourite aerial sport of thousands of people around the world. More and more people are putting on wings and embarking on the adventure of spotting clear blue skies, crowned by mountains or soaring the sand dunes with the sea breeze.

If you are also thinking about to learn to fly, here you have four tips that may help you to make your first steps to the sky:

1. Try a dual paragliding flight with a  professional pilot.

Book your first tandem flight with a trustworthy company, better a paragliding school which offers instruction and support during the learning process. It is possible that you like paragliding from the ground, but nothing compares to being soaring the sky in live and direct; this, no doubt, will be a memory to treasure for your whole life. Hire a flight with a professional instructor who will also teach you the basics of paragliding and without the pressure of having to control the paraglider by yourself.

2. Sign up for a paragliding course.

If vertigo did not shock you, you may have gotten the hang of paragliding. Fears, anxiety, and prejudice are lost with practice, so it may be in your best interest to become a pilot. For this, you have to enrol in paragliding courses with certified professionals, who will be able to guide you from a beginner to Icarus.

3. Buy the right equipment.

Just as a tennis player needs a good racket or a footballer needs the right clothing, if you join the paragliding fans, you will need to have the basics to practice this sport. Your instructor can offer different paragliders at different prices and for a wide variety of budgets. It is important that the equipment purchased for this activity is in perfect condition.

4. Join a Paragliding Club.

Make friends. Joining a paragliding club is an excellent opportunity to make friends, free yourself from social pressures and meet people with interests similar to yours. In the club, you will meet experienced pilots and you will keep learning and progressing in your pilot career.

Learn with us, at Zero Gravity we guarantee the best paragliding experience; just write us through the contact form. The sky is waiting for you!

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