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Erin’s short story

PARAGLIDING HAS SO MANY FEELINGS! "When Jose told me to move to Algodonales, I told him that I would, but I wanted to make a movie about it. Little did I know, Leo Yeung, a television producer in Hong Kong and fellow paragliding pilot, has started grabbing video of me and my ZERO GRAVITY babes.…
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Paragliding Ground handling exercises.

Ground handling control is good for everyone! Whether you are a novice pilot or not, by practising your paragliding ground handling control you not only will make nicer and savers takeoffs but you will improve your reactions and your feeling of the wing in flight. It is very important after you have finished your Club…
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Clouds and paragliding

Recognize the clouds is very important for paragliding pilots Distinguishing clouds is a difficult task because of the vast number of different observable cloud formations. This is why we're going to introduce you to the main clouds in each major family. Being able to recognize the clouds in the sky is very important for paragliding…
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