Flying with the guys of The British Royal Air Force

Zero Gravity Paragliding & the RAF team-work We are proud to have been chosen by the staff of the Force Development Training Centre Crickhowell to work with their instructors to run paragliding courses for the guys of the British Royal Air Force (RAF). During the last two weeks, we helped them run two paragliding courses…
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Oops!… We did it again!

Best weather to paraglide? In Spain! We had excellent weather here in Algodonales during our last Elementary Pilot course. It was 22ºC... Pilots flying in shorts in November! These made possible to the students to make 11 high flights in a week, some of them in a smooth lift. In the second week, the weather just got…
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Paragliding in Spain Spain, Andalucia, Algodonales. These have become well-known places for paragliding with pilots from all over Europe, and I almost dare to say from a large part of the world! I imagine that the combination of good climate, good mountains, good food, good drink and good people make it so attractive for pilots to come for a…
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