The Hottest Paragliding Course in Spain!

Hot paragliding spot

We started the new season at our Paragliding Centre in Algodonales (Spain) with a week of lessons in 40-degree heat!  It was the hottest days of this Spanish summer, but we had a great week: The students had a good mix of big flights in the morning from the top of Sierra de Lijar (600 m), enjoyed the pool and a "siesta" in the mid-afternoon and then an evening flight at El Bosque (300 m). What else!

In this Elementary Pilot Course, we had a group of seven students from Norway, Ireland, the US and Spain all looking for the perfect weather for paragliding. And they found it! Well,  maybe with a little extra heat 😉

Next winter, some of the students will come back to our paragliding school to do the Club Pilot Course (Para Pro Stage 3). Winter is still a good time to learn to paraglide here in Andalucia; the conditions to fly are not strong and the students can fly during the whole day.

If you are interested in any of our beginner paragliding courses in Spain, just drop us a line in the contact form.

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