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The Neolithic flying man

The dream of flying How long have the Man wished to fly? Probably from the moment the humans watched a bird and wondered How? There are thousands of tales, legends, stories, myths that talk about Man's dream of flying. It is something that has been inside us from the very beginning. No paragliding? Let's do…
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Paragliding in Spain Spain, Andalucia, Algodonales. These have become well-known places for paragliding with pilots from all over Europe, and I almost dare to say from a large part of the world! I imagine that the combination of good climate, good mountains, good food, good drink and good people make it so attractive for pilots to come for a…
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XC paraglidng trip to Spain with Flybubble

Zero Gravity Paragliding & Flybubble team-work Every autumn our friends from the paragliding school Flybubble came back to Algodonales to extend their flying season. Zero Gravity Paragliding has been cooperating with them for some years and, together, we make a good team! They offer high-quality paragliding trips and cross-country coaching in different countries, and we…
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