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We feel unstoppable

How are you guys? We hope that you and your loved ones are well. It seems that the worst moment of this pandemic has passed, at least over here, in Spain, and we may go back to fly again. If everything is fine, our Paragliding Centre will be open again from June 28th. Our staff…
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The Neolithic flying man

The dream of flying How long have the Man wished to fly? Probably from the moment the humans watched a bird and wondered How? There are thousands of tales, legends, stories, myths that talk about Man's dream of flying. It is something that has been inside us from the very beginning. No paragliding? Let's do…
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Why do we want to fly?

A bit of history about paragliding The 70's were years of great diffusion of hang gliders and base jumping (from cliffs) by parachutes. In 1972 the members of the skydiving club of Annemasse, in Haute Savoie (France), decided to use the drawer parachute (designed by NASA in 1965 and first used in the French World…
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