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To guarantee the contingencies that they could suffer during the Active tourism clients of companies organizing this type of activities, Belonging to the National Association of Active Tourism Companies (ANETA).
Insured shall be deemed to be all those persons who have contracted the Services of some of the active tourism companies belonging to ANETA, and that have Duly registered in aid activity.
Medical expenses in Spain
In the event of any accident suffered during the practice of the activity, the Insurer
Will pay medical, surgical and hospital expenses up to € 3,000 in Spain.
Repatriation or Sanitary transfer.
If during the development of the activity the Insured suffers an accident, transfer to Hospital Center and later to its address in Spain or abroad, without limits
Economic benefits.
Rescue Expenses
In case it is necessary the mobilization of resources make a rescue after a
Accident while the activity was being carried out, the Insurer will assume the
Up to the limit of € 5,000.
Transfer by the death of the Insured.
In the case of death, the Insurer will take care of the transfer of the insured and of the relatives who accompany him to the place indicated in Spain or abroad.
Prolongation of the hotel stays due to illness or accident.
In case of an accident that prevents the return trip of the Insured, the Insurer will be made
The charge of your stay in a hotel with a limit of 60 € / day and up to 10 consecutive days.
Displacement of a family member.
In the event of an accident of the Insured while carrying out the activity, which Hospitalization for more than 5 days, the Insurer will take care of the transfer and Accommodation up to 10 days from a relative to accompany him.
Accompanying family expenses.
The Insurer will take care of the stay in a hotel of the displaced relative to Accompany the injured Insured, with a limit of 60 € / day and up to 10 days
Accident insurance.
In case of an accident, the Insured during the performance of the activity of
Active tourism, the Insurer will be responsible for an indemnity of € 5,000 in case Death or permanent disability.
Accident will be considered the corporal injury that derives directly from a cause Violent, sudden, external and extraneous to the intentionality of the Insured, which produces
Death or Permanent Disability.
The insurance coverage covers, accidents that may be suffered by the Insured
During the activity declared for the purpose of contracting the policy.

The following facts will be considered as an accident,
As long as they are involuntary:
(A) Infections, when the pathogen has penetrated the
Injury resulting from an accident covered by the policy, and provided that
The cause-effect relationship is clearly demonstrated.
C) Heatstroke, congestion or other influences of temperature or pressure
Atmospheric, if the Insured has been exposed to them as a result of a
Accident covered by the policy.
E) Those occurring in actions of self-defense, as well as those that are consequence
Of acts for the salvage of persons or property judicially appreciated one and
F) The survivors in situations of apoplexy, lightheaded, fainting, syncopes,
Epileptic or epileptiform seizures, mental alienation, unconsciousness or somnambulism,
Provided that the pre-existence of such conditions is unknown.
Accidents are not considered
(A) Diseases of any kind, unless it can be proved that they are
A direct consequence of an accident covered by the policy.
Accident Coverage
1. Death by accident
CASER guarantees the payment of the insured sum established in the Conditions
When, as a result of a covered accident,
Instant death of the Insured or that occurs within one year,
Since the date of the accident, by the evolution of the injuries suffered.
For those under 14 years of age or legally incapacitated, the
Death refers exclusively to justified burial expenses, which in
No case may exceed the sum insured for this coverage.
2. Permanent disability due to accident
CASER guarantees the payment of the benefit when the Insured has suffered losses
Anatomical or functional definitive and irreversible consequences of an accident
Covered, and provided that they have manifested themselves within one year of the
Date of the incident.
The amount of benefits paid by Permanent Disability will be deducted from the benefits to be met by Death due to the same accident. Risks Excluded Accident Covers In general, CASER does not guarantee accidents, injuries or illnesses, nor their consequences: a) Occurring before the date of effect of the policy, even when they manifest themselves during their validity, nor those manifested after they have elapsed 365 days from the date of the incident. (B) For persons with myopia between 8 and 12 diopters, the clots and hemorrhages of the eyeball, cornea, lens, and retina are excluded from insurance coverage, as well as retinal detachments, even if they have been caused by an accident covered. C) Of a risk whose coverage corresponds to the Consortium of Insurance Compensation, in accordance with the conditions established by said Body. D) Those produced in alterations of public order or war; The consequent to nuclear atomic energy; Except as a result of medical treatment; Officially declared epidemics, those produced in the practice of any sport practiced on a professional basis, as well as diseases or injuries caused by drunkenness, drug addiction or attempted suicide. Accidents resulting from or derived from: a) The intentional provocation of the Accident by the Insured are excluded. B) Reckless recklessness, gross negligence and / or participation of the Insured in bets, challenges, quarrels or criminal acts. C) Mental alienation, use of drugs not prescribed medically or drunkenness, when the degree of alcohol in the blood is higher than that established in the legislation in force at the time of the incident, or the Insured is punished or convicted for this cause. D) Driving motor vehicles if the Insured is not in possession of the corresponding administrative authorization. E) Food or drug poisoning. F) Injuries resulting from surgical interventions or medical treatments that were not motivated by a covered accident. G) Nuclear radiation or reaction and radioactive contamination, except for the consequences of treatments applied to the Insured by a covered accident. H) The professional practice of any sport. I) Exercise as an amateur of the following sports: · Motorcycling and motor racing. · Skydiving, paragliding, as well as any other sport or aerial activity. · Boxing. · Skiing with jumps. · Horseback riding. · Diving to more than 20 meters deep. As well as any other sport or activity whose risk can be considered similar to those mentioned. J) Bullfighting and confinement of wild bulls. (K) The use of privately owned aircraft not intended for public service; Or helicopters or light aircraft for fumigation, fire-fighting or rescue services. Except as expressly stated otherwise, which shall be included in Particular Conditions, accidents or injuries resulting from, or in consequence of, the practice of amateur sports or activities are excluded: a) Big game outside of Spain. B) Climbing, mountain climbing, and caving. C) Ice hockey. D) Fight and martial arts. Accidents derived from the insurance activities will be guaranteed, provided they comply with the current legislation regulating Active Tourism activity.

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